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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Finished Scams

Mr. Jackson - Chocolate Starfish, Inc.

Same old same old, I have to register as a company, send in some money, and become rich. This one is different in that he sent me his passport very early, without me requesting it. Comments in bold.

Dr. Wili - Taint Industries

I went fishing for this guy because I was bored. He is supposed to be a doctor, but he doesnt really offer any advice on my "condition". Comments in bold.

Shawn Barret - Chocolate Starfish

So, I picked this guy up as my first bait, and received one email. Then he went dormant for awhile, and I gave up on him. I was actually busy with other ones, so I figured I would let this one go. Then I decided to contact him back and demand to know where he had gone, and he finally wrote back. Comments in bold.

Dr. Tony Elumalumuallu - Chocolate Starfish

Well, another day, another attempted scam. This beanbag is pretending to be from a bank, and wants to send me some money. Note that later on they have about an extra $75 in “other expenses” that I’m betting will be the beginning of my finances I have to send them. Comments are in bold.

Sanders Green - Podrace Productions

Well, here is another one I got. This time, the scammer sent me pictures of money that is in holding. Funny how they look like all the other consignment pictures that are floating around. This one started on February 3rd, and is still ongoing. Comments are in bold.

B.J. Udoh - Holy Church of the Mogwai

Another day, another scam. This one is doing the typical introduction, and I have decided to be a pastor from the Holy Church of the Mogwai. Comments in bold.

Dr. Koffi John - Rays Crab Shack

This guy is the standard scam artist, wanting to transfer millions from a “beloved” business man who has passed. Read on. Well, here is my longest one so far. Note that his emails are in italics, mine are regular, and comments are in bold.

Charlie Brown - Super Sausage, Inc.

Well, I wanted to get some more baiters, so I went fishing and found this one. Seems someone wants to invest in my “Sausage Empire”. Comments in bold.


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