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Friday, January 06, 2006

B.J. Udoh - Holy Church of the Mogwai

March 1st


It is with trust and believe that I write to you, Although I don't know you
neither have I seen you before, but my confidence was reposed On you. I am
Barrister G.J.Udoh, a personal Attorney to Mr.Hesham Sabry, and a National
of your Country. He was also a Contractor with one of the Government
Prostates, who executed a contract with the NIGERIAN NATIONAL PETROLUM
COPORATION (NNPC) here in Nigeria before his death.

Unfortunately my client who perished in the plane crash of October 31 1999
{with Egyptian airline 990} with other passengers aboard Up till today none
of his relatives has come forward to claim his contracts fund with the
enquiries to locate any of my client's extended relatives, this has also
proved unsuccessful, as he has no wife. After these several unsuccessful
attempts, I decided to contact You to help me and claim this money valued
at US$10 Million as the next of kin of my late client before it gets
confiscated or declared unserviceable by the NNPC. More overly, I provide
all necessary information/documents for the claim.

All I require from you is your honest cooperation to enable us See this
transaction through. I guarantee you that this will be Executed under
legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law.
Your response is only what I am waiting for, as I have put all machineries
that will be instrumental to the success of the transaction in motion.

Also I would be grateful if this mail will be favored with an earlier reply,
all I need from you is to furnish me with your contact information such as:
your direct phone and fax number for fast communication.

However, I am compensating you with 40% of the total amount, now all my hope
is banked on you and I really wants to invest this money in your country,
were there is stability of Government, political and economic welfare.

NOTE: I know there may be scams and junk mails flying here and there on the
Internet but certainly; this is not one of them. Now I urge you to take this
message serious and with an open mind, with good faith and trust. Join me
and am assuring you now that you will never be disappointed.

Yours Sincerely
Barrister G.J.Udoh (Esq.).
for more details and documentation. Waiting to hear
from you soonest.

Blah blah blah

March 1st

Dear Barrister B.J. Already changing the name.

I must say your message comes at a most needed time. I am a pastor, and our church is on the brink of opening our new conclave, and with this investment we can improve our fortress.

My name is Raymond Thull, and I am the new Head Shaman for the Holy Church of Mogwaism. We believe that the when the Mogwai first descended to our planet during the Great Divide, they seeded our planet with their own offspring, which eventually became the modern human. As followers, we have been on the path to return to our natural Mogwai states, and live life in our enclosed utopian compound.

I do regret to inform you that I might not be able to help you with this transaction. We are forbidden by the 3 laws of Mogwaism to not due business with those who do not follow our faith and are not members of our chuch. However, if you were to become a member, than we would be able to proceed with no complications at all.

If you are interested, please contact me expressing your interest, and I will send you the necessary details on becoming a follower of the Holy Mogwai.

If you become a member, will there be any fees that we should set aside for processing? We only have about $14,000USD or so that we can spare at the moment, but I can put a hold on it so that it will be there while we conduct this transaction.


Raymond Thull
Master Mogwai
"Follow the path, join our Mogwai bath"

Lets see if we can convert our brethren.


March 2nd

Raymond Thull,
Thanks for your mail, and i have read through the mail you sent to me and i 'm ready to be part of your congregation since you have accepted to assistance in this transaction.

I await to read from you soonest and kindly reply back with your communication phone number for sequencial update.

Well damn, maybe I should go into religion full time. Seems I can convert on the fly. w00t.

March 3rd

Dear Barisster O.J. Udoh,

I am pleased that you wish to be a part of our congretation. I will be sending you documents and instructions shortly detailing how you may join, I have to run to a check-signing for a local mentor program that we help fund. It's for helping young children who have had a hard upgringing, and we help them have a good life. It's called "Boys and Girls Foundation: Touching You Like an Uncle". Eww.
Before I send the documents, I would like to ask how you feel about the Great Mogwai, and whether you have the same beliefs. It is a hard path to follow, but the Spiritual Fight needs all of the soldiers it can get.


Raymond Thull
Master Mogwai
"Follow the path, join our Mogwai bath"

Lets see if he can match my super B.S. skills.


I whip up a little form for him to sign and send back to me. Pretty basic, but it is the setup for more to come.

March 2nd

Attached is the letter for indoctrination that must be completed. This is step 1. After it is completed the next step will be sent to you.

All hail to the Mogwai

Raymond Thull
Master Mogwai
"Follow the path, join our Mogwai bath"


He seems to ignore my letter. Punkass

March 6th

i need more details, in the line of that we have to proceed with our transaction.

I await to read this from you soonest.
Full Name…..
Contact Home Address……
Tele Phone Number
March 6th

I ignore his request, and ask him about my letter.

Dear RJ,
Have you finished the induction form yet? Please hurry, so that the business can really begin.


March 9th

Dear BJ,

I have not heard back from you in almost a week. Am I to assume you do not wish to become a member? The induction form MUST be filled out and returned to me in 1 day, or I will be forced to cancel all transactions, as their are other charities and organizations that I am currently dealing with.

Raymond Thull
Master Mogwai
"Follow the path, join our Mogwai bath"

Damnit, where are you? I need my congregration to grow. Sinner.


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