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Friday, March 17, 2006

Mr Jackson - Chocolate Starfish

Here, I got rid of his first email, since it's the boring introduction they all use. This is his reply when I tell him to send me more information.

March 17th

Dear Raynar,

Thank you very much for your urgent reply to my mail and your indications of your would be assistance, I am writing in respect to your email received todayt and I would earnestly guide you through the process of the transfer from the initial stages to the final stage.
As you would have known from my first email,I am a full South African citizen and has served the government for almost 10years. I am a Christian happily married with two(2) children and living peacefully with my family.

As you would see that we are faced with a transaction involving the sum of US$9, 500,000,00c, I would be working round the clock to make sure that this fund reflects in your account within the shortest possible time. I would like to use this opportunity also to let you know that this transaction is 100% risk free because of my experience and because of the fact that I have contacted an attorney/Lawyer whom would work for this transaction to be finalized at least in the next 7-14 working days depending on how you cooperate with us speedily.

The attorney/Lawyer is now fully ready to begin his work as I have informed him and he is waiting for my instructions and information required about you the partner that would assist me .

I believe that you have gone through my first email to you comprehensively and understand that once this transaction is finished you would get 30% of the total sum for your assistance.
Additionally, I would still let you know that I a man of strict principles and would advise you to keep this transaction strictly confidential to yourself alone as it is very important to do so because of my office and personality.

To begin we would first of all register you with the department of Minerals and Energy here in South Africa and a certificate would be issued in your full name. After the registration the attorney would prepare a legal document ( Affidavit) that would present you as the beneficiary and affiliate company to that of Mr. Smith Andreas. This would be submitted to the our national treasury and the bank for the confirmation to be made in your name and the transfer of the full amount to the bank account that you would confirm to the bank at a later date.

Once this transfer is made to your account I would definitely tender my letter of resignation to my employers and travel down to meet you in your country as would be required for the sharing purposes and also for me to look into options of investment of my fund.

1. Your direct telephone and fax number
2. Your official or residential address.

.A copy of your positive identification e.g. Your international passport or country’s identity. Infact any identification document( This should be sent by email attachment).highly required so that we can proceed with the transfer process.

As soon as I receive this last requirement before next monday the transfer process would begin. Please take note of my international passport copy for your records and you can call me at anytime on the number below also I would be calling too on your number when received.
Thank you very much and God bless.
Mr. Jackson Khumalo.
Tel 00 27 73 070 9532.

What an ugly ass.


March 17th

Dear Jackson,

Thank you for your email. All of my contact information will be listed below.

My name Is Ray Thull, and I am Vice President of Chocolate Starfish, Inc. We specialize in gourmet chocolates, and operate worldwide. This year alone we have had gross profits of over $12 million US. While it is a lot of money, we are greedy asses who constantly want more. Your help in this can change my life, as I am having troubles at home with my wife and two kids, who I am not sure are mine (she gave it out like candy, if you know what I mean).

I will talk this over with my associates, but I can virtually guarantee that they will want me to do business with you. Please send me whatever information you need from me.

I will be out for a few days on a Mogwai hunt, but I will be awaiting your email when I return. I might be able to check it while I am in the jungle, but I can't promise. If you dont hear from me for about 3-5 days, don't worry, I will be back.

Actually I'm heading out of town and wont be able to check my mail, but he doesnt know that. Maybe I can send him hunting later.

Attached is my passport for your records


Ray Thull
Vice President, Chocolate Starfish, Inc.
“Serving it all day long”

501 Hazzard County

I attach my perfect passport.


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